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So, a blonde walks into a bar with a rubber poodle…

I love my life.  I meet the best people and hear the most awesome stories.  I could not make this stuff up…

Last Thursday (I know, it’s taken me long enough to get around to writing about it), my band “Martha’s Mistake” played at an awesome local joint called the Taverne of Richfield.  We weren’t expecting a crowd since it was of course, game 6 of the NBA finals, and our beloved Cavs were in a do or die…

As we were setting up our gear, these 3 lovely blonde ladies walked into the bar.  One of them was carrying a black rubber poodle about 8 inches tall.

I couldn’t let that go unnoticed…

As they got comfortable and ordered their drinks, I walked up and introduced myself.  I nodded toward the poodle, who at this time was in the middle of the table facing the stage area and said “so, a blonde walks into a bar with a rubber poodle…”

All 3 of them started laughing.

Evidently these 3 ladies are sisters.  Their aunt and uncle had owned a poodle who (and I quote) “was meaner than hell”.

When their aunt and uncle passed away, the poodle was left to the girls.  The girls then spent the rest of the poodle’s life trying to pawn it off on the other sisters.  I came to understand that the poodle only got meaner with the passing of time.

They would visit one another just to try and hide the dog at the other sister’s house and run away before she noticed.

When the hellish little beast finally crossed the bridge, the girls discovered that without the desperate need to rid themselves of the poodle, they were hardly ever seeing each other anymore.

The obvious solution?  Buy a fake poodle and pretend it’s real.

The end result?  A demented little game of hide the poodle, which gives them the excuse to get together, drink wine, and laugh.

Oh, and sometime in our third set, it was discovered that the little rubber dog was gifted with an incredibly loud squeaker (I believe the squeaker hole was located in an anatomically correct position, if you get my drift).

So, a first for Martha’s Mistake.  Instead of applause and whistles, we got squeaky calls from a tiny rubber poodle and his 3 humans.

And, the Cavs won, so the night was a great success!

Thanks ladies for sharing your night out with us.  I now have a whole new reason to laugh at poodles!







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  1. Sigh, the light of my life for 10 years was a little black toy poodle named Nikki. She was sweet and loving and was a people person. My granddaughters used to dress her in doll clothes and push her around in their doll buggy. She always wanted in my lap or on my shoulder. I still miss that little dog soooo much! Good memories.

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