When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the day ahead.

Yesterday I said goodbye (just for now) to a great number of people I had come to love as family.  I had watched their lives be forever altered, knowing that there was absolutely nothing I could do to make it better.  I am a fixer by nature, and nothing weighs heavier upon me than seeing the ones I love in pain.

So, I rolled out of bed like any other morning, went through my morning ritual, and headed out to the barn.  Sleepy, snuffly horses were waiting for their breakfast.

They always make things better, and this morning, my mare (Saoirse) was particularly snuffly and affectionate.  She always seems to know when I need an extra snuggle.

I went outside to fill the water trough while the ponies munched away inside the barn, and I looked to the sky and asked for the patience and wisdom to do the right things for the people in my life in the days to come.

I heard a strange little buzzing noise, and when I looked back down, a happy little dragonfly was hovering about 4 inches from my nose.  ( I adore dragonflies).

I said “good morning little guy”  and he zipped away, only to return a couple minutes later with at least 6 of his friends.  They fluttered around me and the water trough, landing on the fence nearby to watch me.  Their beautiful little bodies sparkled green and blue in the morning sun.

I didn’t think the morning could get any better, and that’s when a teeny wee red squirrel hopped up on the fence next to the barn and sat with a hickory nut in his mouth watching me.  I could see the wheels in his mind turning, trying to figure out how in the hell he was going to get to the barn without getting too close to me.

I just started laughing, expecting a blue bird next, and some campy Disney music.

For a moment, I knew exactly who I was, and knew my place in this beautiful world.  That didn’t last long…

The squirrel finally couldn’t take it anymore, and ran down the fence to the barn, promptly running into a dragonfly and everybody freaked out (except for me, I was too busy laughing).  Dragonflies zipped around frantically, probably convinced that they were under attack.

I wasn’t sure if the tears that came were born of relief, gratitude, awe, or laughter.

Thank you Father, for bringing me joy this morning when I needed it most.

If ever I get too blue, I need only remember the dragonflies 🙂

(you should have seen the squirrel’s face, it was hilarious!)