I was inspired just a few minutes ago by a very talented member of an online group I belong to.  She has been posting up some artwork for the group, and it’s quite good.

She posted out a question to the group that really got me thinking…  “What’s your favorite art form?”

Well, as a musician, my knee-jerk reaction was music…

Then, as a writer, my other knee said literature…

but after a few seconds of thinking, I realized that my responses were so anemic…

It seems an art form is only as amazing as the consumer’s ability to appreciate it…  there are days that I don’t feel competent to appreciate a blank white wall, let alone witness a masterpiece.

It dawned on me that my love of beauty in any specific form is directly proportional to the need (hunger) of the sense I would use to absorb it.

Maybe it’s my steadily advancing age (and wisdom?) that has taught me to listen, and know which sense needs to be fed.

Some days my eyes are hungry, some days my ears, some days my hands, some days all together.  All of these have two direct connections, one to the soul, one to the mind…

I hope that I am able to feed my eyes while they still see, feed my ears while they still hear, feed my hands while they still feel…  someday the gifts will be taken away, and the memories of these wonderful banquets will have to suffice.

May the hunger for beauty never be sated.

Thanks Dani for your art and your wonderful question!