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We have become sheep, and not in a good way.  My friend Danny Longhair hit the nail on the head in a recent post about fear in our society, and it really made me think.

When we become fearful, we become powerless.

When we fear, we blame.  Fear is the gateway drug for hatred.

Back an animal into a corner and watch how it behaves.

Guess what people…  we have let fear back us into a corner, and we have started to behave very badly indeed.

We will always have to deal with fear in one way or another, but having reasonable fear and being cowardly are two different things entirely.

The bravest person carries fear as much as anyone, but refuses to be made less by it.

Think about the things we hear every day.  Murder, rape, robbery, murder, rape, robbery, murder, rape, robbery…  does it sound familiar?

True, any day  any one of us could fall victim, but I refuse to sit by silently and wait for my turn.

We walk in the Garden.  There is darkness here, certainly, but we all know the cure for darkness…  Light.

Defend those that need to be defended.  Protect innocence in all it’s forms.  Nurture fragile beauty.  Practice mercy until it becomes a guiding habit.

I will do my best to hold to these, though there will be times I will fail.

I wish to be an educated warrior.  I wish to learn patience and humility, and wield my weapons only as a last resort.

I wish to be a Light, but I stand ready if battle comes this way.


Go dtí níos moille,






Do not mistake mercy for weakness

Today I learned of a mass killing in Orlando, Florida.

I have had enough of sitting by and wringing my hands, waiting for the next hate monger.

Every time something horrible happens and I do nothing, I only help the darkness spread.

I don’t know how much impact simple words can have in the face of such loss, but the resistance has to start somewhere.

One person alone may not be able to do much, but a band of like minded warriors, armed with words and the mercy to wield them appropriately may help staunch the bleeding.

Take the opportunity to improve someone’s life every chance you get.  Look strangers in the eye and smile.  Help someone carry their groceries.  Let someone go in front of you in line.

These are the actions that combat hatred.

In respectful remembrance of the fallen,  share Light with those left behind.

Is breá liom ar fad agat.  (I love you all)


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